This is Why You Don't SUCCEED - One of the Best Motivational Speeches Ever

  • Published on Sep 14, 2017
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    Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of today, and social media addiction. IT IS ONE OF THE BEST SPEECH THAT I’VE EVER HEARD. ►►►►Simon Sinek’s BOOK : Together is better

  • HESMotivation
    HESMotivation 5 months ago

    “True ignorance is not the absence of knowledge, but the refusal to acquire it.” ― Karl R. Popper

  • Lester Diaz
    Lester Diaz 1 week ago

    This was fire, I refused to get a regular job because I was focused on building an internet business, many called me lazy and didn’t understand. Fast forward a few years later and today my internet businesses make me $100k a year while those “friends” work a regular boring job. Lesson is fight for what you want even if ppl call you crazy, lazy or unfocused.

  • curleyphil 32598
    curleyphil 32598 4 weeks ago

    What.... the.... hell... how did he just explain my life?

  • Gigi .Rupetot
    Gigi .Rupetot 3 weeks ago

    Cat was sitting next to me while I was playing it. She's outside now, hunting bears

  • Jaline Sousa
    Jaline Sousa 1 week ago

    The talk is great but what's up with the sad background song? Its disturbing and irritating :/

  • 1MinuteFlipDoc
    1MinuteFlipDoc 2 months ago

    the background music is melodramatic and distracting.

  • Moona Lissah
    Moona Lissah 4 days ago

    Take a shot of dopamine every time he says "right"

  • ywes nuo
    ywes nuo 1 month ago

    The sad part is the laugh in the audience... is it out of nervousness? I don't think this reality is worth a cackle.

  • john enalstos
    john enalstos 2 days ago

    Ok rant, citing others research and what should be obvious to all, but people in the audience look on in amazement, as they just discovered something big about themselves.... Crazy world... I have to say the piano piece in the background is quite annoying...

  • jamie t
    jamie t 3 weeks ago (edited)

    The problem is that most people have only vague ideas about what they want.   "I want a good job that is fulfilling" is not a goal..."I want to be a forest Ranger" is.    Once you define what you actually want, you can then take steps to go get it.  "I want to be a rock star", or "I want to learn to play guitar"...which one has a clear path to happen?   Vague ideas are nothing, clear ideas with a path to accomplish, are.

  • MAD Lab
    MAD Lab 3 months ago

    Your Speech is highly Addictive...

  • Furkan Karakus
    Furkan Karakus 3 weeks ago

    Described much about myself . I'm sure if he would've described this whole "Millennial generation" a bit more specific most of the discussions wouldn't happen here. From my personal guess I'd say that the whole "Millennial Generation" starts after 1998 or even a bit before. I'm at that age and just gotta say that he said the truth. Also not gonna say now that companies should be there for me and stuff like that but I'd love to see those "little things" as he mentioned them. It's not talking nowadays anymore; smartphones, social media, "Friends" and many more ugliness that I just don't want to go on about. Thanks for the speech again Simon. It really did helped me a bit to get my thoughts right. :)

  • impressionant santhosh
    impressionant santhosh 2 weeks ago

    Definitely going to make a difference in my life. It is 31 Aug 2018.

  • NIL STARLIGHT Comments
    NIL STARLIGHT Comments 1 month ago

    Sadly only useful for hours. Days maybe. Not life chainging. They all are the same. We all are humans. And we forget. Motivation is just a feeling. And feelings can't be hold on for a lifetime. Not even close.

  • Kyle  Bufton
    Kyle Bufton 4 weeks ago

    He has quite literally pieced apart my life and with each truth I’ve started crying

  • Lala Ghana-Love
    Lala Ghana-Love 3 weeks ago

    That part about kids being passed through is so true. I used to lecture university students and got into trouble because my class had a high failure rate and parents were complaining both to me and to the university. My introductory class was simple; if a student prepared for my class, did 2 hours of revision a week, and attended class, they were assured a pass. I was asked by the university to submit my teaching plan and my content and explain why these students were failing. My response was detailed and based on the premise the duty was teaching young professionals what they need to know in the field. In the field there are deadlines, and your documents need to be structured perfectly, or they will not be accepted. I was also teaching an exit module, and as such, I did not introduce new concepts that the students would have learned in the previous years because they should have been a part of their daily dialogue already since this was preparing them for a career. After the meeting with the senate, it was explained to me that everyone understood and agreed with what I was doing, and the reasons, but because it would look bad for the institution if there was a class students found too hard for them, parents would not send their children to the school and we needed that money. So I was instructed to lower the pass requirements, hold extra classes for the students who were already failing tests, and I had my exams restructured to ensure a higher pass rate. That was my last year as an academic.

  • Joe M
    Joe M 3 weeks ago

    Oh please. You think corporations are going to take the moral high ground? You think hard work is how people get to the top? You think any generation is any less disconcerting to the one that came before? And here all these people are licking your boots because you told them it's not their fault. Already willing to go to the ends of the earth, which is just how you want them. Please. This speech is a typical power ploy. Play on the vulnerabilities, then give abstract ideas of change and encouragement. My god. This guy could be cult leader. He is eloquent, I'll give him that.

  • future lane
    future lane 3 weeks ago

    I say this all the time wen i see him... But this dude looks like Markiplier....

  • Tahseen Khan
    Tahseen Khan 1 week ago (edited)

    Disliked for the click-bait title. Not at all what the speech is about, much more recommend watching the original video with the original title. You get what's on the tin without the stupid music. He doesnt tell you why youre not successful he talks about technology dependency.

  • Aaron diller
    Aaron diller 9 months ago

    I love how he talks about how we need to not use our phones as much as 90% of people watch this on their phone XDXD