Galactics update with Kent Dunn May 24, 2018

  • Published on May 24, 2018

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  • AmerRicianAmbassador
    AmerRicianAmbassador 4 months ago

    Kent Dunn needs to STOP bashing Jared Rand as I questioned him about the Rand Corporation. He explained he had left the Rand Corporation to help Heal Humanity and Mother Gaia (The Planet), and you can See that He is Doing Just That in his "Global Daily Meditation" with The Golden, White, Pink & Purple flame - Pure Positive Energy EVER Day. With now Over 65,000 like Light Workers, Healers, Meditators, Archangels & Others of Only Pure Golden White Light. LIGHT & LOVE from Pure Heart Center.

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 4 months ago

    The Rothschilds are hiding on an island in the Carribean. Why not take them to the Central Sun for repurposing?

  • Heavenly Sunshine
    Heavenly Sunshine 4 months ago (edited)

    Not sure why Kent keeps talking about Jared Rand like that. Jared has made it clear a number of times he is not associated with the Rand corp. Kent is talk about.

  • Shalimar Z
    Shalimar Z 4 months ago

    Please provide link for the organite.

  • Elizabeth Costello
    Elizabeth Costello 4 months ago

    Hi Parri, Zorra already spoke of Jared Rand and he had the highest praise for him because he is directly intouch with Prime Creator? who is telling the truth

  • Arteest100
    Arteest100 4 months ago

    Pari, PLEASE provide info in your description box below that Kent gives you, for example, his email, Gina’s email for the pyramids, etc. Appreciate all of your work.

  • Eddie Cook
    Eddie Cook 4 months ago

    Kent Dunn cannot prove onepercent of his fabricated delusional versions. It’s all imaginary bullshit in his head that he dreams up every night. I would love to see a picture of the king of the Pleiades. He cannot prove anything he’s blabbering about

  • Laurie Chaisson
    Laurie Chaisson 4 months ago

    Kent I find you doing a lot of fear mongering. I believe Jared Rand and his positive messages for humanity over your depressing reports. I am following my heart and this is what it tells me.

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 4 months ago

    If Jared left the Rand Corporation to do good what's the problem? He's redirected his energy for good. So what's the problem Kent? We're meditating for peace and to raise the vibration for all of humanity. So what are you whining about. Jared left something that wasn't good and turned to the light for something that is. I meditate daily with Jared Rand. Mother/ Father God's decree is: Be the light! Show the love! Do no harm! Dig it.

  • Free Spirited Ones
    Free Spirited Ones 4 months ago

    I put them on my electric meter and my bill is about $30 give or take less a month. Been using orgone for many years. Also have them by all my wifi equipment.

  • Takiyah Iza
    Takiyah Iza 4 months ago

    I’m not scared I’m pissed that these demons think they can keep holding us back. IT IS OVER FOR THEM. I demand prime creator do away with all of these evil people!!!!

  • AmerRicianAmbassador
    AmerRicianAmbassador 4 months ago

    Pari, if you set your Pyramid with one side facing on Magnetic North it will become more Powerful - use a lensetic Compass with a straight edge and point the Compass directly North then place one base edge of the pyramid on the straight edge of the compass. Check the alignment every so often. By using this method you will also see if there is any Pole Shift. I learned this from my Mentor some 40 years ago by the "Pyramid Man".

  • Takiyah Iza
    Takiyah Iza 4 months ago (edited)

    Rand never resonated with me. I researched him and decided that he was not on the right side because he has ties with the Bush’s. Anyone connected with these people aren’t good at all. PERIOD!

  • Cindy Short
    Cindy Short 4 months ago

    You look lovely today! I love your earrings as well!!!

  • Silly Crow
    Silly Crow 4 months ago

    Thanks for another great video, Pari! You do a fantastic job! Kent is very informative, once again! Pari, you look great! Love the outfit! Pink, red and black is very nice!

  • Sharon ball
    Sharon ball 4 months ago

    If we can't leave or enter earth how are they selling people off planet

  • E K
    E K 4 months ago

    How Much does it cost ???

  • Brenda Cunningham
    Brenda Cunningham 4 months ago

    I don't listen to Jared Rand either because he come in with Kim Possible and a great deal of confusion with both of discernment says No to both off them...he has those daily meditations to push his agenda...thank you Kent Dunn for speaking about this... people are being led to slaughter by his daily conditioning of people who choose to listen... thinking that just because it's meditation....but what kind of meditation this is?? I Am in deep Gratitude for Knowing better for my life...I don't even click on their post or any of the information they present...if click then you funding them in some way...I want the God within Me to know what choose and not be a foolish person...we must watch what we choose to subscribe to...we must be very careful...go forward...they know who we are and our Hearts...Love and Light....

  • mike truthten
    mike truthten 4 months ago (edited)

    Another thing ? Kings and Queens concept comes from the Annunaki , Creator calls us all equals , How is this possible ? Heavens has no such order ? Ask the tough questions , Pari ? Dont you wonder about this stuff ? Christ teachings called us all equals yet their is a King Puccacha ? This doesnt add up ? Then Kent talks about Archangels as being male and female , then why does Archangel Micheal have a twin flame named Faith ? Like i said i am trying to make sense where , there clearly is not facts to Kents wording , Pari ask these questions and dont let him talk around the question asked , like he does all the time !!!!!!

  • juwel k
    juwel k 4 months ago

    but even the galactics say, Keshe technologie is smart, I asked, so, well, we will learn later I guess