SubBritannia Homesick Blues (Parody Song)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • Section 30A of the CDPA allows fair dealing with a copyright work for the purposes of caricature, parody or pastiche.







  • LetsTalkSense1
    LetsTalkSense1 5 days ago

    Brilliant that, first class

  • thomas homes
    thomas homes 5 days ago

    I been checking every day while at work on break and home for a new video from you. Love your video's makes my day. Thank you Patriot for fighting to make a better future for our children. People need to get out and vote and take back their country. Thank you from USA Ohio

  • Tagg
    Tagg 5 days ago

    Daniel Bostock for Prime Minister!!!! Outstanding as always!!!

  • den o
    den o 5 days ago

    I am getting on in years but not that old. I am despairing, truly despairing at my country, When our Army - and the Queen are against us - we are fighting a losing battle. God bless you for at least making us laugh whilst we head for the exit.

  • jackie russell
    jackie russell 5 days ago

    Well said.....and you didn't even say a word, keep it goin and respect from Scotland

  • Sheerkat7
    Sheerkat7 5 days ago (edited)

    DB killed it again. Well done. I like it better than the original.

  • Jonathan Smith
    Jonathan Smith 5 days ago

    You should send this to Bob Dylan... he likes a bit of lyrical variation.

  • Dee Surry
    Dee Surry 5 days ago

    Daniel you are such a star. Great song and comments.

  • Artourious
    Artourious 5 days ago

    Thanks Dan another great upload...just gets better and better..

    ANON YMOUS 5 days ago

    Have you auditioned for Saudi Arabias got talent???, I think you may have a real chance at winning,,,,

  • Simon Coates
    Simon Coates 5 days ago

    This Black and White video is racist - it should be a 'video of colour' 

  • Clayton Wiffen
    Clayton Wiffen 5 days ago

    "They want to ban words, that are hurtful to Angela Merkel." Brilliant, Shakespeare lives.

  • FISHTAILofficial
    FISHTAILofficial 5 days ago

    You should be bluesman. You sound great here. Cool lyrics. Im so happy i moved to Texas. There is alot less of this shit. Dont know about UK actually. But California is a shithole lol.

  • Fed up American
    Fed up American 5 days ago

    Love it! Awesome video! Thank you

  • ann-marie adams
    ann-marie adams 5 days ago

    Brilliant Daniel, your face in the video sums up how we all feel. Will you also do one for #IamSoldierX ?

  • Tigger 07
    Tigger 07 5 days ago

    Lol how long till its removed by snowflakes

  • Amanda Carpenter
    Amanda Carpenter 5 days ago

    I just love your vids, you got my foot tapping to this one! Another one to piss off the lefties...excellent!

  • Hefty Alan
    Hefty Alan 5 days ago

    Alastair Campbell blamed it on the Russians and Alastair Darling gave away what cash the UK had left after Brown's greatest rock and gold swindle to RBS then Lord Adonis rewarded Fred the Shred with a pension of 17 million. Failure pays. That is why I am one of the just getting by I am good at what I do.