Jim Caviezel Testimony (Actor Who Played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ Film)

  • Published on Mar 25, 2016
  • Please Note: At one point in his talk, Jim said, “You are all going to Heaven.” A critic might object, “What if there was someone in the audience who hates Christ and will never repent. So is Jim saying that he is going to Heaven too?” Of course such an unrepentant person who hates God chooses Hell with their free will (as Jim said in his talk, “God doesn’t send anyone to Hell, they choose that place”) and Jim’s statement cannot apply to them. So how are we to understand Jim’s sentence? First off, it is obvious from the context that Jim was addressing those among the audience who are of good will who desire to repent, live a virtuous life, and to take the necessary actions to reach Heaven. Furthermore, Jim expanded or qualified this statement later in his talk where he said that “God is asking for more conversion” and he reminded the audience that Heaven or Hell is a choice (on a related topic, he said that those in the production of the movie who were “fence-sitters” with regards to God who claimed they hadn’t made a choice were in reality making a choice by the mere fact that they were fence-sitting). A person chooses Heaven or Hell with their free will and manifests their choice by the way they lead their life and by their actions, words, thoughts, and prayers. One must want Heaven to reach there and to reach it requires effort just like anything worthwhile in the natural world. Our Lord told us in the Gospels that arriving at Heaven requires the person to receive sanctifying grace through baptism (which of course is ordinarily sacramental baptism by water, but in rare cases can include baptism of blood or authentic baptism of desire), repenting of their sins, and living a virtuous life where they preserve this grace. Hence, Jim’s statement must be understood with these qualifiers for his statement to be correct.


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    Amazing testimony and words of Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ film, which is the highest grossing R-rated film in history (and rightly so) just like the Holy Bible is the world’s best-selling book (and rightly so). Jim Caviezel is being interviewed by Dave Cooper. This interview is highly inspiring. He talks about how God's Providence allowed him to suffer several very painful injuries and illnesses when filming which allowed him to participate in and portray Christ's Passion in a deep and real way. He tells about the shocking fact that he was struck by lightning at one point in the production. He gives advice to all Catholics about the seriousness of living the Faith, not trying to "fit in" with our neo-pagan society, and the necessity, joy, and honor of suffering for Jesus Crucified for the salvation of souls. His testimony is amazing and real. Based on the following event posting, it appears that he did this interview on August 1, 2010:

  • Sinisa Balen
    Sinisa Balen 1 year ago

    Amazing Jesus! I made that choice and He healed me of homosexuality, after 20 years of gay life (or death, better said). THANK YOU God! No penis, no man, no human could give me what you gave me: love, self respect, truth, power, mercy, forgiveness, new life, straight thoughts and feelings! YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE!!

  • G G
    G G 9 months ago

    Incredible testimony.....I love Jim Chaviezel

  • Happiness Mwaipopo
    Happiness Mwaipopo 10 months ago

    Thank you Jesus for giving me another chance again today.

  • FollowerOfJesus 101
    FollowerOfJesus 101 11 months ago

    "God never sends a man to hell. People choose this place" doesn't get any more truer than that

  • Livi Loo
    Livi Loo 11 months ago

    I knew I loved Jim. Whoever reads this message, I love you.

  • Deb Hartley
    Deb Hartley 2 years ago

    I think the pastor was expecting an actor who happened to be a Christian; what he got was a Christian who happened to be an actor.  A very welcome surprise.  And a challenging message!

  • Stephanie Parrott
    Stephanie Parrott 10 months ago

    You can watch this and feel that Jim Caviezel truly experienced Jesus. When he was talking about his experiences while shooting the film, I don't think people realize that he had to repeatedly make the decision to get up everyday and experience that pain. We're talking 12-16 hour days of filming probably. There is no one BUT GOD who could have given him the strength to bear that. Our God is so real!!!

  • Trisha Naa
    Trisha Naa 10 months ago

    I can’t stop crying, oh Jesus Christ please forgive me my sins. I love you too Father.

  • George Hamilton
    George Hamilton 1 year ago

    I don't know if you will believe me but.. while I was watching this movie I was so moved that I asked if it was possible that I might share some of the pain of Jesus to ease his suffering. Immediately I felt crushing weight and pain in my chest which continued for what seemed like five minutes till I got scared and decided to crawl out to the living room where family was sitting and ask them to call an ambulance. From my room to them was only fifteen steps away, during that short way my pain was gone and I felt an incredible sense of well-being. Make of this what you will.. I never experienced pain like this before or since.. I am not the best Christian by anybodies standards.. I am trying!

  • Emily S
    Emily S 1 year ago

    "Freedom is not the will to do whatever you want, it's the right to do what you ought to" - SO good.

  • Mike Grace Church of Wright Co.
    Mike Grace Church of Wright Co. 2 years ago

    This Jim guy who played Jesus talks like a spiritually mature Christian, but this other heavy set guy interviewing him acts extremely Giddy and immature.

  • Aquarius Squad
    Aquarius Squad 6 months ago

    Jim wasn't Jim it's was Jesus speaking through him. U can feel that & u cannot deny that

  • Luke M
    Luke M 6 months ago

    He should've gotten the Oscar but then again.... look who runs it all.... It's not pure. It's not moral.

  • Carol Diane Wollman
    Carol Diane Wollman 9 months ago

    Just WOW! Jesus Christ is talking through this man. We need to be that light. Let your light shine 

  • Rochelle Pratt
    Rochelle Pratt 11 months ago

    the host was a jerk, nothing he took serious,  until the speaker looked at him with the eye,  of how dare you , God is real !!!

  • Cliff Cook
    Cliff Cook 2 years ago

    No wonder his performance was so powerful, so compelling! He was, as a devout Christian and a humble man, "in the zone," as he put it, praying and meditating throughout the filming. As if that weren't enough, he suffered throughout the production of the final scenes of the film from a dislocated shoulder, pneumonia, vomiting and dehydration, and a life-threatening heart condition. He wasn't merely acting during the crucifixion scene; he was experiencing many elements of crucifixion that actually do the killing: dehydration, slow asphyxiation, congestive heart failure, and exposure. True, he wasn't actually beaten to a pulp by the troops of the Sanhedrin, scourged within an inch of his life by the Romans and experiencing the massive blood loss it caused, forced to carry the crossbeam to Golgotha, or actually nailed to the cross, but he suffered nonetheless. Try to imagine what Jesus Himself went through. Jim Caviezel reported that he received a glancing blow from a flagrum during the scourging scene. That indirect strike was so violent that it instantly knocked him to the ground and left a fourteen-inch gash in his side. Pilate ordered that Jesus was to be punished, but that He was not to be killed. Jesus was subjected to 39 lashes, because under Roman law, 40 lashes with a flagrum was considered a death penalty. The blood loss, dehydration, shock, and the likelihood of infection following such a beating meant that 40 strokes were usually fatal. And, just to put an exclamation point on his performance, Jim Caviezel gets hit by lightning at the end of filming, the odds of which in a given year are one in 1.19 million! Jim Caviezel's performance was, in a word, stellar!

  • Olivia Sanchez
    Olivia Sanchez 9 months ago

    Beautiful, this man is a man of God, he is so humble and real.

  • Kiran Kumar Geddam
    Kiran Kumar Geddam 6 months ago

    It's coming as a surprise to me like when he was talking normal he's taking time to pick up on the words and deliver speech but as soon as it was about Jesus and the Lord, he was so fluent and said the things just in a go! Lord is really with him. Praise the Lord! Amen!

  • Ruth Salta
    Ruth Salta 10 months ago

    God has chosen you for that movie.. You were chosen because God saw your heart. And now you are His instrument for reaching out to other people so they may come to know Him and be saved too. God bless you Jim...

  • LIZ Mpate
    LIZ Mpate 1 year ago

    this movie changed him. he's so Jesus like.