Parody #24 with Kent Dunn

  • Published on May 21, 2018

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  • Lynda Peralta
    Lynda Peralta 4 months ago

    We’ve had chemtrails in AZ for two straight days. They even do it at night.

  • 02WhiteEagle
    02WhiteEagle 4 months ago

    They're still spraying in Eastern Tennessee big time

  • Sharon Hitchner
    Sharon Hitchner 4 months ago

    Spraying Florida still.

  • daune stephens
    daune stephens 4 months ago

    Also take minerials Zeolite can pull minerials out of the body

  • Cheri Peyton
    Cheri Peyton 4 months ago

    chemtrails has not stopped in Utah they were spraying yesterday

  • Deb
    Deb 4 months ago

    Guess you didnt see all the trails in Phoenix...

  • Evelyn Jacobs
    Evelyn Jacobs 4 months ago

    For sure Kent, you are so right! I can identify with Trump. I am also Syrian and my movements are almost identical to those you explain as being Syrian. I'm not a contractor or Builder as Trump is, I am in the medical, hypnotherapy and psychological arenas. I do have to add that as a Syrian we are not as well liked as some people because of our assuredness and knowingness and our ability to accomplish things. You can be as nice, as helpful, as honest, as caring, as giving and as truthful as humanly possible and still you are seen as a threat of some unknown kind and face jealously especially as a child and teenager. Things come real easy to most Syrians. I'll give you one example. As a child sewing was very easy for me and I found it very enjoyable. By the age of 8 I could make my mother dresses on a treadle sewing machine. So in junior high I was very advanced in sewing class. My friends got one of their mothers to sew a blouse and then told me one of them made it. I'd try to help them do many things and they just thought I was showing off and resented me. I was just trying to share and help them learn. There are some that will never like Trump because of his abilities. That's just the way it is. Others will love Trump because of his abilities and what he's able to do for them. That's just the way it is.

  • Kia Pruitt
    Kia Pruitt 4 months ago

    Yasss! Those earrings and that haircut, Pari! You are slaying today.

  • Nancy Martin
    Nancy Martin 4 months ago

    Kent Dunn...they are spraying in North Dallas this morning...They have been spraying us again starting late last week. Can the Pleadians cancel them out?

  • Fae Ry
    Fae Ry 4 months ago

    These people spraying us need Prosecuted! Someone needs to list the Names Of These Evil Humans who are Poisoning us! Plaster their Names everywhere so we all know who are The Criminals! Then we can start Law Suits Against Them! No Free Ride for them!

  • Duane Zellner
    Duane Zellner 4 months ago

    The GCR-RV changes the Monetary Banking System to the Quantum system. The Old Rothschild's Banking System has already been disabled.

  • Shari Ives
    Shari Ives 4 months ago

    They chemtrail EVERY SINGLE DAY in Asheville, NC. I saw ONE day without trails in 10 months.

  • Sharele johnson
    Sharele johnson 4 months ago

    Imagine desolving and deleting the chemtrails...they are not real...they are fake...they no longer have funds to do it literally ....fake news...false images appearing real, we are fine, well and protected by the realness of and clearing of our minds... noneya....

  • Jonathan Fortune
    Jonathan Fortune 4 months ago

    Victory of the Light, Enlightenment Now, Isis and Cobra are Heros and Cobra is well known in United States and Canada for installing the Tachyon Healing Centers

  • Dennis Anschau
    Dennis Anschau 4 months ago

    East coast Central Florida has had heavy heavy Chemtrailing for the last year!!!! EVERYDAY!!!!! So sorry Kent, you are wrong!!!

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 4 months ago

    I always look forward to your info.

  • Patriotic Angel
    Patriotic Angel 4 months ago

    What if you are dollarless???

  • Arteest100
    Arteest100 4 months ago

    CHEMTRAILS in Minneapolis MN yesterday, May 20. What about the fires in Russia that MSM refuses to report on? What about the MONSTROUS low pressure that is building up in the Southern Hemisphere? Are the 129 underground bunkers the elite built for themselves still in their control? Thanks Peri for your work.

  • Max21d
    Max21d 4 months ago

    Good job Kent Dunn

  • Gammy Pat
    Gammy Pat 4 months ago

    Great show you two!