Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show: Jeff Garcia on Asians

  • Published on Feb 28, 2011
  • Peep this hilarious video of Jeff Garcia's take on Asians... Remember it's just jokes people. Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show @the Laugh Factory - 8001 Sunset Blvd. Hosted by: Tony Rock & Esau McGraw Showtimes: 8pm & 10pm 2 Drink Minimum For more info email: info@chocolate

  • sadie bear
    sadie bear 3 years ago

    such a short clip too bad...

  • Eric Sirias
    Eric Sirias 6 years ago

    Allot of Asians are Buddhist. Buddhist believe that life in not real, that this is only a stage before Eternal life. The reason why they do so well in school is because they just study and work hard all the time. They don't believe life is real that is why they work their lives away instead of living it up.

  • perezcarlos559
    perezcarlos559 7 years ago

    "I Finish So Eeerly, I Make Up My Own Question.!" Lmao