• Published on Jul 10, 2018
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    Kevin Hart And Mike Epps to comedic giants in the game right now have had a long standing on again off again "Beef" that sometimes get really heated! The two were on IG and started throwing jabs and things may have gotten out of hand! See why in the description box now! Subscribe To The Uncensored Truth Podcast On Youtube NOW!!

  • Drew Got Jokes
    Drew Got Jokes 6 days ago

    Kevin hart blew it out of proportion for no reason cause he has lil man syndrome

  • Tyrone Simon
    Tyrone Simon 1 week ago

    Mike Epps is comedy Kevin Hart is coonery Coonery sells more tickets in a system of white supremacy

  • Insatiable is My name
    Insatiable is My name 1 week ago

    Kevin Hart isn't Funny Chris Rock and Tiffany H isn't Funny either

  • Cuzzn Dro
    Cuzzn Dro 1 week ago

    I hate that logic of selling more means better. By that logic sir mix a lot, mc hammer, and vanilla ice are the best rappers due to sales.

  • Yung Hustla
    Yung Hustla 1 week ago

    On the real tho, Kevin Hart is not funny, a lot of people feel the same way.

  • chance goode
    chance goode 1 week ago

    Nothing funny about Mike Epps

  • The Haven
    The Haven 6 days ago

    Epps been hating on Kevin for awhile on matter how you feel about the two.

  • Judith Rhice
    Judith Rhice 1 week ago

    Kevin Hart needs to pay Damon Dash.

  • Extraspectacular92
    Extraspectacular92 1 week ago

    Mike Epps not funny. Doing standup that is. Kevin hart is funny… but overrated completely.

  • mtownboi4ya
    mtownboi4ya 1 week ago

    Comedians always take jabs. Kevin, don't take it personal. Kevin won't be getting invites to any roasts...he might start crying lol

  • Jahnea Stanfield
    Jahnea Stanfield 1 week ago

    I'm not a fan of any man that wears a dress. #Kevin???

  • Edgar Betty
    Edgar Betty 1 week ago

    Kevin Hart, white funny.

  • chance goode
    chance goode 1 week ago

    Both of these fools need to grow up and stop hating on each other

  • Johnnie East
    Johnnie East 1 week ago

    If Kevin Hart was tall, would he still be funny ? If Mike Epps was short he would still be funnier

  • Poetic Gangsta
    Poetic Gangsta 1 week ago (edited)

    DAM!! Wht i wish is that Eddie M. would do Harlem Nights pt2. Bring back a classic to unite all comedians. NO BEEF!! Also as respect to Richard Pyor,Red Foxx,and Robbin Harris. #AllJokesNoBeef

  • Vaughn Freeman
    Vaughn Freeman 1 week ago (edited)

    Remember Mike Epps started in on Kevin Hart a few years back; he went on a rant at Kevin Hart for no reason; he sounded like a bitter @#$%' After that whenever Kevin would do black radio interviews they would ask him about why Mike Misteps was doing this school girl hate @@##$. Mike Epps is the least funniest comedian on the planet; he laughs at his own jokes nervously and constantly; even when there is silence in the comedy room and the silence at his shows are far more often than not.

  • Steven Young
    Steven Young 1 week ago

    Mike epps would roast his ass he already did on school dance

  • Believe Land216
    Believe Land216 1 week ago

    I Love both of them.To me they are in two different Lanes of comedy period I would however though Love to see them work together why can't they both just be great but I forgot that is to much like right. It's a lot of struggle in the black community I myself Love to Laugh after having a stressful day and they break that sometimes you Really need that they both are real Funny talented BLACK MEN!!!

  • renonevada
    renonevada 6 days ago

    Mike epps is funnier than kevin hart period

  • Cedrick Green
    Cedrick Green 1 week ago

    Lol Kevin is mad because he is not going to be in the movie Dolomite with Eddie Murphy