Dwayne and Jasmine : Try To Laugh or Grin Challenge Laugh Season 2!!

    Dwayne N Jazz make Season 2 of the very hard and difficult Try not To laugh or Grin Challenge that also come with punishments for the loser!! Come watch & see if you can Beat us!!

    Dwayne And Jasmine : TRY NOT TO LAUGH or GRIN CHALLENGE's

    Couple Reacts aka Dwayne N Jazz do Try Not To Laugh Challenge, very hard lol so lets see if you can beat us and the videos we watch.


    Dwayne & Jasmine have a back and forth prank war that started from a try not to laugh challenge

    Dwayne and Jasmine Fun Time!!

    Dwayne and Jasmine fun time is just us having fun doing type of stuff from copying popular musical.ly trends and trying different foods and celeberating different milestones

    Berlezzy EXPOSED!! LETS GET IT!!!

    Our Reactions to the host with the roast Berleezy as he exposes our favorite childhood cartoons !!!

    RICEGUM DISSES Reactions

    Ricegum is known is he vicious diss tracks so sit down and relax and enjoy the ride.

    Don't Hug Me I'M Scared Reactions!!! Super Weird

    Don't Hug Me I'm scared weirded us out put it also made us think deeper!! Check it out you're down for a ride.

    Let's Play : The Walking Dead Season 1

    Dwayne N Jazz play Telltale's The Walking Dead series Season 1 watch as jasmine & Dwayne make tough decisions that affect clementines future.