Fandom Impressions

    Fandom impressions and impersonations by voice over talent, Madison Brunoehler - creator of Madi2theMax. Videos include fandom impressions from Game of Thrones, My Little Pony, Star Wars, Sherlock, Avatar, Orphan Black, Pixar, Dreamworks, Jack Jack Attack and more.

    How To

    How To (DIY) videos created by Madison Brunoehler as part of the Madi2theMax Youtube channel. Family friendly.

    Reading Nice Comments

    I like to read my fans nice comments that they have written on my channel in many different voices. From Disney Villains to Gravity Fall.

    Madi2theMax The Web Series

    Here is where you can binge watch the entire Madi2theMax web series. All the characters in this series are played by Madison Brunoehler. This funny, family friendly web series includes a goth, a nerd, a robot, a guy, and so much more.