Mayhem In The Whip

    Here is where we interview artist but what makes our series even more fun is that we take the artist through different challenges, check out the videos and see for yourselves.


    These are our music videos which we love making from the bars to filming to editing, there are more videos to come so keep a look out!!!


    Here we react to music videos either requested by you or videos we come across and we give you our opinions and thoughts on them, we may act wild at times but that is just how we do


    Follow me on my journey through my pregnancy. I make these videos so that you can share my experience with me.

    D&C Re-Edit

    Here you will find music videos that we felt needed that something extra so we give them a D&C Re-edit makeover. Let us know if there are any music video that maybe look plain or could have more done to them, maybe one of your favourite video.

    #RMV Roadman Vlogs - New Comedy Series

    Life of a Roadman/Roadgirl through the camera lens vlog style, this a comedy series to make you laugh


    We do crazy challenges some we might make it through but some go all the way wrong!!!


    We do reviews on subscription boxes and let you know which ones to get and why we do the research for you to save you time and money, there are so many subscription boxes out there to choose from and we are her to make it easier for you.


    These are our first videos on this channel we had a lot of first here, check them out for laughs